Sharing Christ...

The ultimate goal for Christians is to begin sharing their faith in Christ with people around them.  We do that through servant evangelism, preaching and teaching and something called The Greatest Gift.

"The greatest gift a Christian can give anyone is to introduce them to Jesus."

The Awesome Power of Three!

Greatest Gift Team Members choose three names and do three things:

Three Names:  Ask God to show you the names of three individuals or families who do not attend church or do not know Christ as Savior and write them on a Greatest Gift Card and turn it in to the church office or in the offering plate.  Our church prays weekly for those on the Greatest Gift Prayer List.

Three Things:  For the next year (until Easter 2012) do three things...  Pray for them daily to turn to Christ...  Love them by simply getting to know them better and by sincere acts of kindness... Invite them to the next big event or a church service, Life Group or Sunday School Class

The Greatest Gift: Pray... Love... Invite...

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